The all-in-one software for your lift company

The leading maintenance software in UK & Ireland. With years of experience in the lift industry, Mainteny’s software is expertly designed to streamline your operations.

Automate maintenance jobs and invoicing with ease

A highly specific mobile app and ERP system, crafted for lift engineers

Seamless integration with Sage and Xero, catering to the financial practices in the UK and Ireland

Trusted by industry experts

Worldwide, leading maintenance companies trust Mainteny
to keep their business running.

Easy switch to better lift maintenance

Worried about the time it takes to switch systems? With Mainteny, there’s no downtime for your business.

Drowning in paper? We’ll turn it digital without any fuss!

Stuck with an old system? We’ll sort it out and keep your data safe and sound!

Too slammed to even think about changing? We’ll get everything set up without putting your day on pause!

Future-proof your company with Mainteny

Our software is designed to optimise your processes, ensuring your business stays ahead.

Enhance your operations and reduce stress

Discover the benefits of upgrading your lift maintenance operations with Mainteny.

Boost the value of your lift portfolio – What is your portfolio worth today?

Reduce hassle and stress during operative days – How about a free weekend?

Modern App for your lift engineers

Our industry-leading app helps your engineers complete jobs quickly, efficiently, and safely. Your employees will love our intuitive app.

All jobs at a glance: easy assignment, navigation, and time recording

Access to all equipment data. Engineers can quickly view all necessary information and know immediately what needs to be done

Work reports and individual checklists for quick and audit-proof documentation

Compatible with all devices, iOS & Android, available offline

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