Contract management: Secure, centralized, digital

No more manual labor. Never miss an order again. Automate all contract invoicing.

All contracts neatly organized in one place

Contracts with multiple line items

Automatic order and invoice generation

Consolidated invoices for complex contracts

Automated price adjustments and contract renewals

Trusted by industry experts

Worldwide, leading maintenance companies trust Mainteny
to keep their business running.

One system, all contract types

Mainteny offers you full flexibility in managing your maintenance contracts.

Contracts for multiple facilities: Bundle any number of facilities into one contract.

Flexible contract items: Have multiple services bundled in one contract? Easily create contract items with separate prices that can be billed in a consolidated invoice.

Billing cycles: Whether you bill annually, semi-annually, or after each order, Mainteny can accommodate all options.

Service cycles: Choose the months in which maintenance should occur, either for all facilities or specific to each facility. Weekly orders? No problem!

Automate your contract management

Minimize time spent on office tasks and relieve your staff of tedious work. Mainteny offers fully automated billing and order creation.

Orders: are automatically generated and assigned to the correct engineer.

Consolidated invoice: Decide which items and facilities you want to bill together or separately; the system automatically generates these invoices.

Contract renewal: Never miss a deadline again! Set the term, notice period, and renewal period. We take care of the automatic contract renewal.

Annual price adjustment: If you need to adjust your contract prices, you can do so easily and automatically in Mainteny.

Why Mainteny?

Mainteny simplifies contract management, allowing you to focus on what’s essential: growing your business.

Increased revenue: Never miss an order again and receive payments earlier.

Time savings: Automate routine tasks and save valuable time that can be invested elsewhere.

Improved customer service: Offer your customers more reliable and transparent order processing and billing.

Risk reduction: Reduce the risk of missed maintenance or compliance inspections.

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