Invoicing: Simple, fast, intuitive

Create invoices, track payments, manage finances: that’s how effortless Mainteny’s invoicing software is for maintenance companies. Say goodbye to paperwork.

Fast & error-free invoice creation, compliant with GoBD standards

Automated invoices from orders and maintenance contracts

Advance billing, cumulative interim invoices, and final invoices

Detailed financial reports for a complete overview

Trusted by industry experts

Worldwide, leading maintenance companies trust Mainteny
to keep their business running.

Automate your invoicing

Generate your invoices quickly and easily in Mainteny. Send them digitally to your customers, capture payments, and export for your accounting needs.

From orders: Generate invoices directly from completed orders and automatically tally work hours

Invoices from contracts: With your flexible maintenance contracts, Mainteny automatically generates invoices. Never miss a billing cycle again

Capture payments: Ensure no invoice is overlooked

Reminders: Send reminders directly from the system without extra effort

Smooth export: Export your invoices swiftly and easily to your accounting software or hand over the documents to your tax consultant

One system, all types of invoices

Handling large projects: installation, new setups, modernisation? With Mainteny, you can effortlessly bill all project types and secure your liquidity.

Create percentage-based or fixed upfront invoices to secure liquidity and charge for expenses before project commencement

Use partial invoicing to bill project milestones. A summary of all services rendered and payments received so far creates transparency and trust with your customers

After project completion, Mainteny calculates the outstanding amount and all you need to do is send the final invoice – all compliant with GoBD standards.

Why Mainteny?

Mainteny is the leading industry solution. Reduce administrative efforts, cut costs, and increase your revenue.

Never forget an invoice again: With Mainteny’s automation, you not only save time, but you also ensure all orders are billed and nothing gets missed

Save Time: With our simple and clean user interface, you can generate invoices in less than 2 minutes

Full transparency over payment status: Speed up payment receipts with discount options and payment reminders

Compliant with GoBD and GDPR: Minimize the risk of manual errors in invoicing and always ensure precise and compliant invoices

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